One of the pillars of the program is self-discovery. I firmly believe it is an essential part to leading to a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. When we allow for and facilitate self discovery, we can trust the “results”. Self-discovery allows us to inquire and experiment with who we are and what is true to us. We are able to search out and put a finger on what resonates with us. Knowing yourself is the first step toward meaningful success.

The other pillar is empowerment. Empowerment allows us to put the self-discovery into action. Now that we have an idea what might be true for us, we can begin the pursuit of being in alignment with it. When we live in ways that are true to us, we find fulfillment. This empowerment process will help boys advocate for themselves, their needs, and their interests. I am a strong proponent of children finding their own autonomy and agency in their life.

The added bonus, the beneficial by-product that I have witnessed through self-discovery and empowerment is that when we are authentic and living in our truth, we are more at peace and of benefit to those around us. Having more control of your own life, doing more of what it is that you are called to do results in happier, healthier, more generous people.

Creation is an important part of the program. Experimenting with and discovering what you can uniquely create is powerful process. Through creation we find inspiration. The accomplishment and personal satisfaction of creation plays a large part in self discovery and building confidence.

“Trying” is another important part of the program, trying new things, trying with effort, trying when we might fail, trying after we fail…and so on. This is important both for the project component and the activity component. The challenges and failures that will inevitably come up will provide us with rich learning opportunities, opportunities for growth and resilience.