I lead with an uplifting and positive tone. The program will be based around a culture of acceptance, integrity, curiosity, resilience and generosity. It’s important for potential participants to read through this.

Acceptance: We are accepting of all differences. Not only do we support each other, together we build each other up. This heart centred boys program is a safe place to be yourself, to learn about yourself and to learn about others. Feeling safe the precursor to all learning.

Integrity: We are truthful. Here we learn about accountability. We take care of ourselves, each other, our community and the earth. We will find our voices and speak our own truth. We will speak with kindness and respect. When we hurt someone or break trust we will take action to repair the damage.

Curiosity: This is a safe place to ask and explore any and all questions. I am keenly interested in what children have to say. A child that questions things is an inquisitive child and an engaged child. Questions reveal motivation and motivation drives us to seek and learn. We all have questions. I myself am intensely curious. Be prepared of for a lot of “Why” questions.

Resilience: Here in this program there will be challenges. You will challenge yourself and we will challenge you to be your best. We will grow together. We will take risks to achieve goals. We will fail and make mistakes. We will reflect in meaningful ways and learn from our mistakes.

Generosity: Last but not least, I believe in demonstrating gratitude and generosity as a regular part of healthy and fulfilling life. There will be ongoing discussion, planning, and executing of various acts of service within the program and within our community.