Venture Program

Venture is a program for boys geared toward self-discovery and empowerment. Through hands on building/creating and challenging activities, boys have opportunities to truly learn about themselves within a supportive group. My aim is to support each boy in discovering his own authenticity, unique voice and interests.

I lead a group of boys two days a week. The days are Monday and Wednesday 9:30am-2:30pm. The home-base for the program is my home in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Mondays are reserved for longer excursions. This is a time for learning new skills, being challenged, and being active. Below is a list of activities that I will facilitate.


-nature walks
-ropes course
-survival skills and games
-disc golf
-rock climbing (indoor)

Wednesdays are reserved for Projects: creating, making, building and experimenting. It is based on a similar philosophy as Tinkering School, but not limited to construction projects. Participants are supported to take the lead on and pursue projects of interest. With support, boys choose projects, gather needed materials, plan, and execute. We share progress within our group on a regular basis. Most of this work take places in the back-yard and basement shop. Some of the Maker projects I enjoy facilitating are listed below. We are not limited by this list. Almost anything is possible.

– sculpting/carving
– wood working/furniture making
– building and natural building
– permaculture garden design
– creating electronic music
– making documentaries or instructional videos
– creating blogs/websites

We create online photo journals detailing our projects. Journals allow for sharing of ideas, documenting progress, challenges, and lessons learned. This allow parents and family to be connected with what is happening in the program. These websites can be private.

* Part of Wednesday is for unstructured time outside. For example, the larger part of the day is  spent on projects while the remainder (appox. 1.5-2hrs) is spent on local excursions (walks to the beach, geocaching, Beacon hill Park, etc)

Discussion and inquiry are large parts of the program. There are ongoing discussions circles where we look at and deal with various different questions and themes in detail. There are times for individual check-ins that allow students to talk about personal feelings, challenges and hopes. We also talk about issues that come up in the program, current events and bigger more thought provoking questions. We learn how to respectfully disagree and, support others, and stand up for what we believe in. We practise communication skills, finding our voices while sharing our thoughts and feelings. Discussion circles are an important part in promoting emotional intelligence and awareness of self and others.

Structure and Scheduling

Most days follow a basic framework. There is opportunity for choice and collaboration within the group as to how things are structured and explored. This democratic process unfolds during our discussion times.